Broadcast Agreement Template

This agreement, as well as the exhibitions and schedules, is defined by the parties as the definitive expression of their agreement and must be a complete and exclusive statement of the agreement and understanding of the parties as to the purpose and in this form. There are no restrictions, promises, guarantees or obligations, except for those mentioned here or here. This agreement, along with exhibitions and schedules, replaces all previous agreements and agreements between the parties with respect to this purpose. Neither party may disclose, directly or indirectly, for any purpose, a person (except for his or her senior managers, staff and specialized advisors on the basis of the need to know) or, for any purpose, any of the trade secrets or confidential information or financial or business information acquired as a result of the conclusion of this Agreement. Each of the parties is trying to prevent its employees from doing something that, if the party does, would constitute a violation of that clause. This restriction applies even after the expiry or termination of this contract without time limit, but no longer goes out for secrets or information that is made public without fault of the person concerned. When a government or regulator requires the disclosure of information and/or the publication of information, the party concerned is entitled to comply with this requirement, notwithstanding the provisions of this clause, but consults with the other party about the content of the notice. B-GTM is a company that operates its tv-broadcast-Homeshopping business and general content providers and wishes to use certain Sun TV facilities, capabilities and resources under the terms of this agreement. an agreement, in an agreed form, on Macau TV`s airtime, duly signed by Macau TV; and facsimile transfers of all original exported documents and/or transmission of an exported facsimile transfer are considered the delivery of an exported original. At the request of one party, the other parties confirm facsimile transmissions by executing dual original documents and passing them on to the applicant party or parties. This agreement can be executed in a lower medium and by the parties in separate counterparts, each being considered original when executed and forming the same agreement together. 4.1 Sun TV grants GTM airtime on the Sun TV Channel for a period of three years from the start date of the broadcast, provided that it begins no later than November 30, 2001. This airtime must be carried out on the same schedule, with uniform day-to-day schedules, at times that must be decided in accordance with GTM at Sun TV`s discretion and communicated in writing to GTM in a timely manner, with uniform schedules that strive to reflect GTM`s optimal commercial schedules, provided that the program does not end late in the evening/early morning after 2:30 .m.

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