City Of Barrie Owner Tenant Agreement Form

The city said there was limited funding for the program and that residents should apply as soon as possible. Landlords are required to pass on the water relief bill to tenants if water costs are included in the rent. If you have hired a person or company to take care of your rental unit, you should send Finance a letter of authorization with details of your assigned “design”: the municipal addresses for which the candidate is responsible, each expiry date of this agreement and the full contact details of the candidate. If the tenant`s account is late, the landlord receives copies of the recall notice, which is also sent to the tenant. Water is re-triggered as soon as the city receives the new “owner`s agreement” form – tenant occupancy – from the owner (or design). The former tenant`s arrears are transferred to the property tax list. With respect to fire safety in rental units, both tenants and landlords are responsible under the Fire Ontario Code and both parties can be charged with misdemeanours. Learn more about fire protection tasks. You will find detailed information on property standards. This page contains a summary of information and links useful to both landlords and tenants of rental properties in Barrie. As a tenant, you also have responsibilities.

Please read What are my obligations as a tenant? Find out more. Information for landowners and tenants regarding wastewater billing and payment. Reading new to Canada and facing discrimination in housing? for more information. The City helps homeowners collect tenants` overdue wastewater accounts and offers homeowners the opportunity to reduce the transfer potential of unpaid wastewater bills into their property tax accounts. On request, the city can cut off the water supply of a property inhabited by a tenant that will end. As a property owner or manager, you can authorize Alectra Utilities to automatically transfer responsibility for the electricity service of a rental unit if a tenant moves.

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