Comed Interconnection Agreement

Each substation and feeder in which a link is established is identified in the data reported by a single index number assigned for the purpose of communicating log queue information, not by geographic or operational name or description. Show the queue. The hosting capacity analysis represents only total ignition capacity and does not take into account all factors that may affect interconnection costs (including voltage constraints). If you are applying for interconnection or working with a professional contractor, it is important to understand the most important concepts and steps in the process. Whether you`re a customer, contractor or developer, our interactive hosting capacity card can help you identify potential distributed energy resource (DER) interconnection sites with ComEd`s distribution channels. A deposit fee is levied for each login request filed. Applications received by ComEd without payment of the deposit tax are not subject to the interconnection procedure for review by ComEd. In general, DG organizations certified by state-approved testing laboratories that meet certain standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Underwriter Laboratory and the National Electricity Code may be eligible for interconnection under an expedited audit procedure at levels 1 to 3. Accelerated verification of the level 1 to 3 connection request is available, provided that the proposed configuration of the DG passes through the screens described in Part 466 and does not require the construction of facilities by ComEd to protect reliability and integrate the DG facility interconnection.

In Part 466, you`ll find specific skill requirements (screens) for each connection level. Website: Check out the login brochure for tips and the step-by-step process: English (pdf) Spanish (pdf) Each login site must be evaluated in a targeted manner as part of the formal interconnection process. Depending on your specific situation, ComEd`s response may require additional measures and/or additional costs to complete the link. This hosting capacity data is provided only for informational purposes and does not replace the established login application process. They will not reproduce or use the tool or its information for purposes other than identifying potential sites for the interconnection of distributed energy resources (DER) with ComEd`s distribution channels. A connection is an electrical connection between a distribution company`s network and a private production system (PGS). An PGS, also known as distributed generation (DG), is capable of sending energy to the distribution company`s energy network. Any questions? Comed gathered the answers to some frequently asked questions to provide instructions for common login application requests.

The Illinois Commercial Commission introduced Title 83 Illinois Administrative Code Part 466 (Electric Interconnection of Distributed Generation Facilities) to implement standardized verification applications and procedures and agreements for customers who wish to connect generators of approximately 10 MVA parallel to a distribution company`s electrical distribution system. A full copy of Part 466 is available on the link below. Interconnection procedures are divided into four levels as follows: The link waiting report must provide login information according to the terms of the ComEd Rider IQ tariff. The login waiting report contains the following minimum information for all distributed generation applications (excluding Level 1 applications) or distributed storage resource projects to which a queue has been assigned: You can send a formal requirement online for the DIE connection to a given location.

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