About us

Michel Savage started to work with glass at the age of sixteen.
A native of Gatineau, Michel Savage began working in 1972 at Capital Glass in Hull, as a glazier. After a few years in 1974 Michel decided to leave on his own with his partner Yvon Guertin to create Vitrerie de l’Outaouais. After 8 years with Vitrerie Outaouais in 1983 Michel decided to leave and started Vitrerie Michel Savage.

At the time, Vitrerie Michel Savage was focusing on commercial glass. We all can remember that time where it had been particularly difficult for the residential and commercial construction sectors. Recession, bankruptcies, and closures: everything went wrong, especially in the commercial construction where more contractors were unable to pay their suppliers thus Michel Savage had decided in 1994, to target the residential sector, leaving Guylain Courville and two employees the commercial contracts.

It’s in 1994 that Glass & Mirror +++ inc. was established. Michel decided alongside with Christine, his wife, to settle their company in Orleans, Ontario.
We began at the Place d’Orléans shopping center for about two years, that where we first got noticed. After awhile we had to make our establishment even bigger to have a better capability in cutting glass as well as installing it. That’s when we moved to Lanthier Street in Orleans for seven years.

Our company kept on getting bigger and the need for more space was required. It was finally that we moved to Rockland on Laurier Street. During the following years, we have specialized in the custom shower glass. Glass & Mirror +++ have gained the confidence of the largest important bathroom businesses in the Ottawa & surrounding area; from Cornwall to Kingston. We have over 12 full size custom glass showers in our showroom.

We are the unique supplier of custom glass showers for most of the largest bathroom businesses in Ottawa.

Michel has had a good relation when it comes to business always involved in many associations. For more than ten years he has been a member of the AJPO (Association for young professionals in the Outaouais). Even since his business in Ontario, Michel has joined that BNI (Business Network International) group of Rockland. Michel and Christine love to get involved in their community, also member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for 14 years and we are also members of the Optimist club of Rockland for 6 years.

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