Enterprise Agreement Qut

(f) When an agreement has been reached on a time change, it is recorded in writing by the supervisor and the officer in charge. A copy of the agreement is made available to the agent. Freezing salary increases. This will not work because the staff who wanted to postpone in July was the last of the existing agreement. For all other technical staff, this scheme can be set up either by the officer or by the supervisor and can only be put in place after consultation and agreement between the supervisor of the organisational unit and each officer concerned. (e) Any change in the allocation of hours worked requires the agreement of all the agents involved. An agreement is not sought by undue pressure or intimidation. The 277 FTEs that the university plans to lose are in line with the savings agreement reached in June with the union, with the sources of VSP first proposed last month (CMM 17 September). Removing the annual leave load, which would save 33 FTEs if requested for the three-year replenishment plan. The adoption of this assumption would require staff agreement on an amendment to the enterprise agreement. (g) A flexible work arrangement may be amended by mutual agreement or recruited by the supervisor or agent after consultation with all the officers concerned; Under these conditions, an appropriate notification is given, but the notification is no later than four (4) weeks before the start of working time.

These include the additional 0.25% component that we negotiated (subject to a favourable vote on the agreement) which was repaid until December 2018. This 0.25% is added to the 2% increase already paid. (h) Where an officer or line manager is unable to comply with a proposed amendment, the matter should be the subject of in-depth discussion between the officer and the line manager. The officer or line manager may be assisted by a person of his or her choice, even if the officer requests one or the other representative of the officer. A representative is a person chosen by the officers concerned to assist or represent him or her. At the officer`s choice, it may be a public servant or a union official.

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