Europcar Rental Agreement Invoice

She was charged with minor damage to the bumpers (Fendern), a new replacement tire (or a higher valuation than originally pulled) and valeting. We denied the charges and they sent their terms and conditions. They also sent us an invoice for repairing the damage, valeting and tire. Europcar could be accused of deceiving customers. The bill for the alleged damage and ornament was not at all an invoice – rather it was a computer-generated estimate with software provided by used car price guides. The tire bill was for the delivery of a smooth tire, so the original fit, as in an image of the alleged damage they sent us, was another speed of tire classification. If you return the car, you will take the rental fee of the deposit and give you the receipt. The bill was in euros, as I expected. Quick and easy implementation. Double invoices are archived on the web portal for two years and are available 24 hours a day. We said send us real bills for repair and set up and how the tires and we pay. They never did and, despite a long correspondence, they did not produce invoices, as they must under their own CGVs. Your legal department was involved from the beginning at our request and was incredibly hard.

Refusal to respond to our request for the original invoices or our assertion that the use of computer-generated estimates and the tendering as invoices is in fact a fraudulent misrepresentation. Of course, we also conducted a rearguard action through the bank, which was repaid by our Monnies in the meantime – about 800 pounds sterling on the basis that the bank is not satisfied either. Note: The above details were based on an invoice from Hertz Hi all, I had bad experiences with Europcar. I rented a car for a week in the south of France. Everything went well until I received my bill. As I brought the car back to a station before normal hours (before 8 o`clock), I could not get a type of document saying that everything was fine. A month later, I was charged 80 euros for returning the car with an unfilled tank (which was not true!). I sent them twice about it by email, I just didn`t reply to my emails. I would recommend being careful with cars back before or after regular hours, as Europcar could calculate what they want after… What we got was the equivalent europcar exchange rate, plus the transaction fee of 3.25%, and then the bill already displayed on Visa in Canadian dollars.

That`s about $6 difference for a 2-day rent. It`s not a big problem for what others are experiencing with Europcar, just a good reason to avoid it in the future. So you finally booked a rental car and enjoyed taking it to Sydney on your road trip. All you have to do is pay for your rental car, which should have been a simple process. However, there are a few incidents where people end up spending more time at the supplier`s deposit to pay their bill. What for? Because of the countless questions they have about their bill. At VroomVroom, we want to make your booking and car rental enjoyable, which is why we have decided to share some useful information that will make it easier for you to read your car rental bill. My wife was recently charged with alleged damage to a Europcar rented by Derry in Northern Ireland. This happened after the car was returned. She could not really dispute the alleged damages because she had not done the right thing before and after the photos of the vehicle.

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