Fws Cooperative Agreement

A. Includes all service programs that manage and manage discretionary grants and cooperation agreements. A discretion bonus is a grant or cooperation agreement for which we can do so: under Section 6, NOAA Fisheries is authorized to enter into agreements with any state that establishes and maintains an “appropriate and active” program for the conservation of threatened and threatened species. As soon as a state enters into such an agreement, NOAA Fisheries is authorized to support the implementation of the national conservation program and provide federal funds. Cooperation agreement: a cooperation agreement should only be used if substantial participation by the Confederation can be expected. After 505 DM 2, Section 2.9 is expected with significant participation if the Service: California agreement lists the following types: 6.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This directive contains the necessary information for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service members who work with grants and cooperation bonuses to justify and document the awarding of discretionary awards without participating in competitions (i.e., one-source awards). Ensure that the service has an effective policy for discretionary grants and non-competitive cooperation agreements. In accordance with 505 DM 2, Section 2.9, the program office must assess whether the activity to be financed is an acquisition, an inter-institutional agreement or additional financial support. NOTE: Most shelter agreements will use discretion programs and will have to post in Grants.gov, so B, C and D are applicable below and your grant specialist will reserve the possibility of funding as soon as you provide the necessary information. Notifications of grant bonus letters require only the signature of an authorized agent. A speech note from the Deputy Program Director (Region 9) or Regional Director (Regions 1 to 8), which identifies authorized service representatives who can sign letters for granting grants and cooperation contracts, must be kept in the program office for audit and management review purposes.

(1) Developing a policy to maximize transparency in the granting of discretionary grants and non-competitive cooperation agreements and changes to agreements… After printing the NEW CHECKLIST, scroll to the bottom of the page. The next steps must be completed before a new distinction is published by the contract manager in the FBMS FA/Contract Management System (PRISM). In the case of cooperation agreements, you must include a detailed description of the Service`s expected participation in project activities, both in the description of funding opportunities Grants.gov and in the publication letter. Federal funds provided in the form of species data recovery grants can be used to support management, research, monitoring and advertising projects that have direct conservation benefits for listed species, recently removed species and candidate species living in this state. To receive support under the Species Recovery Grants program, species under the ESA must be covered by the state`s Section 6 agreement. Proposed, candidate and recently removed species from the list, which are present in the state, must not be included in the agreement to be eligible. 8. Defining a payment method for the expected beneficiary: for the expected beneficiary, it is necessary to set up a payment method that pre-engages the recipient in FBMS for a new grant or cooperation agreement. The implementation of a payment method means that the expected recipient must either complete the registration process in the U.S.

Treasury Department`s Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) system, or, if warranted, cooperate with the program office to obtain authorization from the Department of interior (Department) to rush into the use of ASAP.

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