Golf Membership Agreement

As part of your membership, you may be entitled to membership lessons. All private education supplements are charged for a fee fee. Reservations for the included lessons of membership must be made through FEES FOR YOUR PAYMENT CARD. You are solely responsible for all fees charged by the issuer, bank or financial institution on your payment card, including, but not just on membership, overdraft, insufficient funds and credit guarantee fees. By signing up for our monthly membership options, you accept the minimum requirement of 3 months for para, 6 months for Birdie and 12 months for Eagle membership before you can terminate membership. Members must be present at all golf reservations and cannot book golf simulators on behalf of non-members. Membership means your membership in the AMAC Coaching affiliation, which was selected by you and as indicated in the confirmation of the services. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties on its purpose and replaces all previous agreements, agreements and negotiations in this area. Slesson Inclusion membership means that the private hours you receive in addition to supervised training sessions, depending on your membership level. This agreement defines the terms of your membership as a member (“member”) of Clubhouse SG (“Clubhouse”). If you have any questions, please contact each of our staff for help. Fees vary depending on the coaching affiliation package chosen.

This agreement becomes mandatory if one or more counterparties are signed individually or jointly by the parties. This agreement can be executed in return and can be executed by electronic signature, including acceptance by clicking “I agree” or “I agree” or “I agree” or otherwise, and if so, an initial agreement duly executed applies. MEMBERSHIPS: Clubhouse currently offers a variety of memberships. These affiliations are jointly referred to as “monthly members” in this agreement. IMAGE IDENTIFICATION/SIGN IN: You agree that your image will be taken when participating in Clubhouse`s application for the internal needs of the clubhouse. Members and guests must check in at the main bar when entering the clubhouse. Members must present their membership cards to their staff and may be required to deposit their membership cards in the register and/or deposit their cards in the card reader. Members cannot borrow their membership cards from anyone.

We may require members and guests to present additional photo identification before entering the Clubhouse. Members must be reputable (i.e. paid to date) to be able to use The Clubhouse as a member. Members who are still in the initial period may be terminated with 30 days` notice within the allotted time, with a one-time payment of two (2) contribution months, plus the applicable tax (the “Early Termination Fee”). If the early termination fee is paid within 30 days of the normal billing date, the next month`s fee will be charged and payable. Monthly deductions payable and/or monthly contributions already paid are not considered part of the early termination tax. A monthly membership by monthly membership The initial duration can also be completed with thirty (30) days of written notification, but you will be charged for any additional extension that would occur within 30 days.

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