Hcc Articulation Agreement

“We are pleased that the gateway and housatonic colleges are entering into a flawless transfer agreement with Quinnipiac,” said President Olian. “As outlined in our new strategic plan, the development of stronger and more convenient transfer systems for students in the university community expands opportunities, enhances inclusive excellence and provides access to Quinnipiac`s rich portfolio of learning and growth opportunities.” Hillsborough Community College has joint agreements with institutions that allow students to transfer high school or industry certification credits. Transfer contracts help HCC students transfer to public or private continuing education institutions. Hillsborough County Public Schools and Hillsborough Community College have HCC credit agreements for programs that have been conducted by HCPS. The graph below shows which programs are transferred to HCC. For more information, please contact HCC staff on the program`s website. Transfer contracts have been entered into with a large number of four-year transfer students who have graduated from Housatonic Community College with assistance degrees. Most of these agreements provide that these graduates are admitted to some programs with full junior class status when they have reached a certain average. For more information on these agreements, visit the Academic Dean, Student Services, the Academic Advising Center and the Counseling Center. Holyoke Community has several transfer contracts with four-year schools.

Some of them are very general, while others are more specific, such as program-to-program agreements.B. These agreements will help you choose your courses during your studies at the HCC and the transfer university. Below is a list of four-year higher education institutions and universities with which hCC has transfer partnerships. President Broadie said, “We are incredibly proud of our partnership with President Olian and our collaboration with his team. This transfer articulation agreement creates a wonderful opportunity for students in the community working hard in search of a higher degree. The opportunity to take free courses at Quinnipiac University while they complete their association degrees provides remarkable access and encouragement for our students. These agreements help students who have passed a qualified program or certificate throughout the state of Florida.

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