India Russia To Conclude Mutual Logistics Agreement

The agreement gives India access to Russian facilities in the Arctic, which sees increased global activity due to the opening of new shipping routes and available resources, officials said earlier. India recently announced investments in Russia`s Far East. Logistics agreements are administrative arrangements that help facilitate the recovery of fuel, rations, spare parts (if necessary) as well as berths and maintenance stations for warships, military aircraft and troops from other countries during routine port gatherings, exercises and training in other countries` countries. , as well as during humanitarian and disaster relief (HADR). These agreements simplify accounting at such events and ensure that host country forces benefit from the use of the host country`s existing logistics network, which also reduces total costs and saves time. After concluding a logistical support agreement with Japan earlier this week, India is now working on three such agreements with Russia, the UK and Vietnam, two official sources said. The agreement with Russia is expected to be signed in October. The signing of these agreements runs counter to India`s growing maritime engagement with the Indo-Pacific Navies. The Indian Navy is currently conducting bilateral naval exercises with fourteen navies and coordinated patrols with four, most of which are in the Indo-Pacific. The last joint India-Singapore-Thailand maritime exercise, held on September 16, 2019 in Port Blair, expanded the Indian Navy`s repertoire to include joint exercises in the region5. After signing a basic Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA) with the United States, India gained access to encrypted communication systems for transparent communication. In March 2019, the Navy and the U.S.

Navy signed a loan agreement and installed two Pacific fleets provided CENTRIXS (Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System) kits at Indian Navy Headquarters. The debate is about installing more systems at different locations and platforms, while officials did not want to give a precise figure. With logistics pacts, these will greatly improve interoperability. By concluding military logistics agreements with the United States, France, Singapore and South Korea, India has managed to steer a fair trajectory in an unshakeated geostrategic environment, and is eager to sign a similar agreement with Russia shortly.

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