Inuvialuit Final Agreement (Ifa)

The Inuvialuit and Native groups in adjacent areas can enter into harvest and wildlife management agreements. (Final inuvialuit agreement: section 14) Each chapter dealing with land clearing areas begins with a section on the transaction contract. This section also describes the tasks of administrative bodies (for example. B surface rights management bodies) established under the transaction agreements. These responsibilities differ from region to region in some respects. Within each zone, responsibilities vary depending on the land claim agreement in question. These variations are addressed in the chapters of this document. Inuvialuit and the Yukon Indian Council may enter into bilateral agreements to share Inuvialuit`s rights, privileges and benefits in the Yukon North Slope. (Final inuvialuit agreement: section 12) The Inuvialuit Game Council is the last inuvialuit wildlife authority under the IFA. The Board`s duties are: Inuvialuit, Canada and GNWT are currently negotiating an inuvialuit self-management agreement.

The final contract for the settlement of surface rights in this area is the final inuvialuit agreement (IFA). The federal law authorizing this dark receivables scheme is the Western Arctic (Inuvialuit) Claims Settlement Act, Bill c-49, 1983-84. A summary of the provisions follows: 1. What is the Final Inuvialuit Agreement (IFA)? The IFA is a comprehensive agreement between the Canadian government and Inuvialuit, which provides security and clarity regarding the ownership and exploitation of land and resources in the Inuvialuit region. The GNWT and Yukon authorities, although not parties to the IFA, signed the IFA as part of the federal negotiating team. Both GNWT and the Yukon government have agreed on specific commitments within the IFA. Each chapter describes the jurisdictional regime for a specific geographic region based on territory and then land arrangements. For simplicity`s sake, this document combines similar land claim agreements in the chapters on Yukon First Nations and Northwest First Nations. If necessary, there are differences between the different land claim agreements. Inuvialuit may enter into agreements with organizations representing neighbouring Aboriginal groups to resolve reciprocal or cross-interests or to share rights, privileges and benefits. Appendix A lists the legislation and final land use agreements discussed in the drafting of this text. Legislation and land agreements are from August Just below the thematic headings, says the document sections of the transaction agreement.

Exceptions are mentioned in the text. The IFA is a land agreement under Article 35(3) of the Constitutional Law. Subject to settlement legislation, Aboriginal inuvialuit claims land claims in the Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory and Offshore. The Final Agreement of Inuvialuit (IFA) came into force on 25 July 1984 and was the first agreement to bind to the NWT. Participants in the Sahtu Dene and Métis Settlement Agreement and Inuvialuit can share wildlife resources and enter into wildlife management agreements as part of IfA Inuvialuit 14 (15). (see chapter 28 of the agreement) When considering a development proposal, the relevant audit committee takes into account certain criteria set out in the IFA. There is nothing in the IFA or the regulations that prevents people from taking game in an emergency. (Final inuvialuit agreement: section 12) Subject to general enforcement laws that respect public safety and conservation, the Inuvialuit right to harvest on the Yukon North Slope includes: Each Inuvialuit Community Corporation creates a Hunters and Trappers Committee. The Committee`s tasks are: 5. What are the themes contained in the IFA? The IFA has 20 sections, including: until the environmental impact assessment and revision of the IFA provisions are respected, no authorization or authorization will be granted to authorize a proposed development.

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