Local 282 Teamsters Agreement

Concrete riders are among 120,000 teams of more than two dozen New Yorkers working in a number of industries, including sanitation, parking, parcel delivery, storage, airlines, freight, construction of public housing, food and beverage distribution, and school buses. Drivers and workers at the Clare Rose warehouse have ratified a new contract by an overwhelming majority. The agreement increases the remuneration of all 812 members and maintains health and pension benefits. Last week, Local 812 was informed by Harold Honickman of the upcoming sale of Canada Dry New York to Keurig Dr Pepper. The sales contract was signed on October 28 and we announced our membership shortly thereafter. In response to Liberty Coca-Cola`s unilateral implementation of a new speed directive, Local 812 is asking all Coke employees who drive a company vehicle to drive 10 km/h below the published speed limit until a mutual agreement is reached. Contact: Alex Moore, alex@teamstersjc16.com, 718-289-0204 The four-year contract includes approximately 500 concrete truck drivers in the 11 coalition companies. Negotiations began on June 1. Our Union will use all available resources to achieve the best possible outcome for our members of Canada Dry, including: The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, The Brewery and Soft Drink Conference (of which I am Vice-President) and other allies of the work and community, as well as contact with public media.

812 local members remain in service every day and keep the supply chain intact during the Covid 19 crisis! The deadline for Local Fund 812 is April 1 and the JRH scholarship period is March 1. 282 local members provide concrete for construction projects throughout the city, large and small, including 2nd Avenue Subway and Hudson Yards. Local 282 is a member of the New York City Building and Construction Trades Council and also represents other building materials and dumpsters. The fund`s second dinner was a great success! This unprecedented event raised more than $170,000 for scholarships and professional scholarships. More than 400 people attended the gala and were allowed to catch up, eat and dance with former and new team friends. Congratulations to our dear Bernadette Kelly and our volunteer scholarship committee. Thanks to the continued generosity of 812 members, friends, allies, sellers and employers, our fund will remain strong in the future! Congratulations to our newest scholars! At the Meeting of Zoom Members on June 11, our scholarship committee announced the scholarship holders for the 2020-21 academic year. We share the pride of their 812 local parents and wish them every success! Pdf Local 812 Summary of the election of delegates and alternates for the election of the IBT (53 KB) Local 812 Shop Stewards and key members met at the end of August for a three-day educational seminar.

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