Noa Agreement

Subsequently, the owner issues the draft contract within 15 days of the adoption of the Notification Notification (NOA) at the same time as the bid for SD. Section I – Premium data: contains information on the amount of the premium for the specified budget period, the recipient of the bonus and any specific legislation and regulations applicable to the program. This includes: All SAMHSA noAs contain the following sections. Access an example of NoA (PDF – 6.6 MB). Program Name: Identifies the title of the program under which federal funds are allocated. SAMHSA Contact Information: List the contact information of the Government Program Officer (GPO) and grants Management Specialist (GMS) assigned to your scholarship. Section III – Terms of Sale: Provides a “ranking” that explains the laws and regulations governing the awarding of contracts. Recipients are responsible for understanding and complying with the rules and regulations of this section. Failure to comply with these guidelines may lead to enforcement actions up to the end of the premium.

This section also includes processing program revenues. Information about the centre: Identified by the SAMHSA centre that funded the project. NoA is e-mailed to the Director of Official Business and Program/Project Director (PD), who is listed in the SF424 grant application. It is the legal document issued that informs the recipient that a sentence has been handed down and that funds may be requested by the designated HHS payment system or office. NoAs are spent for the initial budget period and for each subsequent budget period during the approved project period. The Grants Management Officer (OMI), authorized to distribute funds on behalf of SAMHSA, signs the NoA. The NoA focuses on some important details, including: NoA is published publicly in the Georgian Procurement Register. Grant`s number: The sole qualifier for the grant.

The suffix indicates the current year of support. For example, -01 indicates the first year of support and -02 the second year of support. The seller is also bound by all guarantees under the Nevada Single Trade Code (NRS Chapter 104) in effect on the day the DNO was issued. Successful bidders have the option of accepting the refund of EMD upon filing the full deposit or adjusting it to the value of the guarantee, as indicated in the Price Notice (NOA).

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