North America Zone Cable Maintenance Agreement

ACMA is a non-profit cooperative contract on underwater maintenance, which consists of more than 60 members. ACMA members are companies responsible for the operation and maintenance of under-sea communications and electricity cables, as well as operators of the oil and gas platform in the Atlantic, North Sea and Southeast Pacific. Global Marine has provided maintenance services across the Atlantic since the first cable was laid in the 19th century and has been an important support to ACMA since its inception in 1965. Global Marine currently provides maintenance assistance in three of the six zone agreements worldwide. Note that software providers sometimes make the difference between maintenance and support. Maintenance may be limited to your ability to get upgrades for the product. However, support usually refers to your ability to get support (phone, web-based, etc.) if you have a problem or a question regarding the use of the software. Make sure you understand what your provider means through maintenance and support. In addition, for some vendors, maintenance only covers intermediate versions and patches, while larger upgrades must be paid separately. Global Marine currently provides assistance in three of the six cable maintenance areas around the world.

In combination with the SBSS joint venture, Global Marine owns 33% of the world`s top sea optics. Over the past five years, the company has reached 99.7 per cent of contract KPIs in all maintenance contracts. Licensing information (including the status of maintenance contracts) YZ is one of the cable maintenance areas that is part of a mutual assistance agreement called the Pacific and Oceanic Maintenance Agreement. In the event of a major multiple cable failure, a maintenance area may source additional vessels from an adjacent area. Walters continues: “The awarding of the contract is again a vote of confidence for the zone model, where the quality of service and the availability of ships are at the forefront of customers and the service provider and members can participate in the development of the service offering for the future. Since its inception in 1986, SEAIOCMA has continuously provided maintenance services and carried out more than 600 repairs. During this period, the network went from 34,000 km of cable extension to more than 111,000 km. The extension of the SEAIOCMA agreement demonstrates the continued recognition of Global Marine`s reliability in supporting customers in long-term contracts and their ability to provide trusted expectations for customers around the world.

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