Nsgeu Collective Agreement Bereavement

Workers are entitled to paid bereavement leave within the meaning of this directive. Workers are entitled to 3 consecutive days of mourning in the event of the worker`s death: employees cannot defer bereavement leave; it must be met at the time of mourning. If a parent`s funeral is outside the province, workers who have received a 3-day funeral leave may be entitled to an additional day`s leave for payment to attend the funeral. The Deputy Minister may grant an additional two days with a bereavement salary in exceptional circumstances. Collaborators It is the responsibility of staff to ensure that their superiors are informed of the loss and informed that bereavement leave is required. Your collective agreement and staff guide contains details that you need to know about these sheets. Your supervisor can help you start your leave application. Workers who are paid leave at the time of leave are granted leave and their paid leave is adjusted accordingly. Employees in the collective agreement unit should also consult their respective collective agreements and the provisions of the collective agreement are given priority. At Capital Health, we offer different periods of absence to our employees, including: . this person may be the other or the same sex as the worker. This directive applies to all government service personnel.

If you have a work-related injury or illness or are exposed to blood or bodily fluids, please report it immediately to SAFE at 902-473-7233. By reporting the incident, you will be properly paid. For more information on your compensation and benefits in the event of a work-related injury or illness, contact us at 902-473-5757 or 1 (866) 473-5757 if you call long distance. Department It is the responsibility of each department to support employees when they witness the loss of a family member.

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