One World Unity Agreement

He told these representatives of the world`s religions that “human brotherhood requires us to reject any nuance of consent of the word “war”.” He spoke of the “fatal consequences” of a war that is visible to all in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya. A world religion refers to the fusion of all existing religions to establish a single world religion. In this image, Pope Francis meets with religious leaders from around the world and invites them to build a future together, or there will be no future. Many pre-Roman Christians believe that the Antichrist will establish a world religion based on Satanism and occultism, in connection with a world government. In ROME REPORTS, an article published on April 3, 2019, Pope Francis is presented at an audience of Muslims and tells them that God wants a brotherhood between Muslims and Catholics. “Conversion is not your mission,” the pope told Catholics in Morocco,” reads a REUTERS article. He encourages everyone to live in fraternity with other beliefs, which is contrary to what the Bible teaches. One of the long-standing goals of the New Masonic World Order finally seems within reach: its Church of a world that has been in its infancy for more than 150 years is institutionalized as an organization of unified religions, the UR. Bishop William Swing of the Episcopal Diocese of California, the Gorbachev/USA Communist Foundation and some Leaders of the Catholic Church working on the interfaith organization, known as the World Conference for Religion and Peace, are working on the details. On May 14, the Vatican is hosting a major educational event to advance the Pope`s global vision of a world religion. This is exactly the 72nd day of the independence of the State of Israel which, according to one rabbi, is appropriate, because Judaism is the last bastion totally incompatible with a New World Order. The statement condemns “all practices that threaten life, such as genocide, terrorist acts, forced displacement, human trafficking, abortion and euthanasia.” He notes that “among the most important causes of the crises of the modern world, there is a disintegrating human consciousness, a lack of religious values and a predominant individualism, with materialistic philosophies.” Far from this, as your question says, “a religion of the world,” the document says instead that “pluralism and diversity of religions, skin color, sex, race and language are disposed of by God in his wisdom” — an observation simply taken by some Catholic commentators to mean that the diversity of religions is part of God`s generous will and testifies to the natural desire of men to know God.

My mother was very religious, and she always told us that during Lent, we could have everything we had given up — ice cream, candy, etc. — on Sundays. It`s true? Are Sundays part of Lent? (Green Bay, Wisconsin) A. I will answer your second question first, because it is the simplest: “Does Sunday count for Lent?” The answer is yes. In the Church`s liturgical books, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends just before the Mass of the Last Supper on the evening of Holy Thursday. In the Roman Missal, for example, March 10 of this year (2019) was declared “first Sunday of Lent.” Well, for the more complicated part: If you fast on sweets for Lent, can you eat it on Sunday? The answer is: this is your own call. Each of us is necessary in general to do penance, but the particular way is a personal choice. There is no law or sin — you are simply doing something beautiful for God in exchange for the sacrifice Jesus made to us. Now, it is true that the Church has always regarded Sunday as a day of celebration to commemorate the resurrection, a kind of “little Passover” and never required fasting on Sunday — so I suppose there is a basic commandment when we accepted a fasting note to “take Sundays.” But I think it is probably better to continue the practice throughout Lent, including Sunday; When I gave up sweets for Lent, but brought them every six Sundays, it doesn`t seem to be a victim.

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