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There are two professionals that each company needs at an early stage: an accountant and a lawyer. The reasons for hiring an accountant are pretty obvious – you need someone to help you set up your “account plan,” check your numbers regularly, and prepare all necessary tax returns at the federal, regional and local levels. However, the reason for hiring a business lawyer may not be as obvious. A good business lawyer will provide significant support in almost every aspect of your business, from basic compliance and copyright and trademark consulting, to formal business creation, lawsuits and liability. First, some general rules on the treatment of lawyers: ask your lawyer to keep you informed of the progress of your case or your legal question, but do not try to incriminate your lawyer by email, phone or SMS. Most of the time, legal cases move more slowly than you or your lawyer. Sometimes things are slow because the courts are involved, or maybe it is because the lawyer or the other side still decides how to react. If your lawyer doesn`t come back to you as quickly as you like, try to keep in mind that while your case may be the most important thing in your life right now, your lawyer is trying to reconcile your case with other cases that also require attention. If your lawyer is able to answer you, they should answer your questions quickly and clearly.

Because independent lawyers work as needed, they can work as much or as little as they want. This flexibility is essential to why so many lawyers are beginning to look for self-employment opportunities. Most lawyers charge a one-time flat fee for routine business, such as starting a business or LLC, but they will not collect a flat fee on a voluntary basis unless you require it. Many lawyers require payment of a flat fee in advance so they can cover their out-of-pocket expenses. You should always ask for a 10-20% flat fee if the lawyer is not doing the job properly. There are also commercial lawyer transfer services on the Internet. For example, go to FindLaw, and you have immediate access to thousands of lawyers. You can search for the city and the land, and several results appear in the field you have indicated, with details on the context of each company, areas of practice, published books, lawyers, etc. There are other similar services listed on the ABA website. If you have a lot of experience, you should consider your network. Start with the lawyers you already know and use your old school network skills.

Something as simple as other lawyers to let it be known that you are available for self-employment can be a successful strategy. Your written agreement should be clear on factors such as scale, agreed compensation, ethical and legal considerations. Also, make sure you do conflict checks early on. Virtual Law and our private nurse Valemus Law offer an extremely rewarding alternative career to traditional office lawyer work. Our flexible work environment allows you to take control of your work schedules. Our low-overhead model means you can see up to 75% of your bills. Join us and take more time to spend with your family or pursue other interests.

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