Pool Cleaning Service Agreement

Thank you for choosing [Sender.Company] as your pool maintenance provider. The purpose of this document is to establish a formal pool maintenance contract. The contract describes the services you receive, the payments for which you are responsible and the terms of use to which it and [Sender.Company] apply as long as that contract is in effect. In case of rainy day or public holiday, the bill is not adjusted. Each week, when customers request make-up cleanings, unscheduled service will be charged at current prices. On the other hand, if there are five days of service per month, we do not charge any additional fees for this fifth visit. So it`s all done in the laundry. Here too, we charge a plan, so this provision keeps billing simple. If a customer warns us within 24 hours that they are not fully satisfied with a service visit, my contract states that we will clean the pool within four days at no extra cost or credit their account for a missed service.

Another way to put it: A good contract produces your service. If you sell your service as a product, you have set up a standard quote template that you can apply to all pools. This way, you can also apply add-on fees consistently when requests are outside your standard service. 1. It establishes a relationship with the customer. A good onboarding experience creates self-confidence, sets the tone and creates the foundation for a long-term relationship. It shows that the pool is under the care of a real professional. I`m not a lawyer. But my career as a supplier contract in the IT sector has given me a very precise understanding of the type of service contract and how they can benefit both the service provider and the customer.

Weather/holiday: If the service falls during rainy weather or holidays in the off-season, the service call may be postponed to the next scheduled visit. During the seaside season, the service call is made regardless of the weather or holiday. There are no credits for unfinished service trips. If you believe the call was missed for reasons other than those mentioned above, please contact the company within 24 hours and the service call may be rescheduled. At no time will two (2) consecutive service calls be missed. (One month of service is equivalent to four weeks) Holidays: Due to the standard 48-week billing procedure, weekly service is set after a visit of 4 times a month. (48 weeks of service from 52 weeks) Four months outside the year have an additional day of service (5th day of service), which is NOT charged and these extra days are taken as leave during the off season (cooler months), normally from November to March. These weeks include Thanksgiving, Christmas and two other floating weeks, all of which are notified in advance. Please note that floating weeks can be used unexpectedly without notice. For example, if there is a week of rain/assault, we can choose to use a floating week during this period.

We offer weekly and monthly service packages based on your needs. All pool maintenance packages contain: PandaTip: This contract template contains a disclaimer stating that the initial service is billed every hour.

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