Retail Installment Contract And Security Agreement

(a) The contract indicates whether the insurance should be provided by the buyer or by the seller. If the cost of insurance is included in the contract and the purchaser is entitled to a separate fee for that insurance: except under section 1808.3, each contract with a private property is included in a single document including: b) Any contract submitted to this chapter must require the information provided by Regulation Z, whether or not Regulation Z applies to the transaction. In addition, the contract must, if necessary, contain the other information and notices required by this section and meet the requirements and restrictions of this section. The information prescribed in Subdivision (c) may be broken down or sub-totalized to a greater extent than in this subdivision and must be presented together and in the order indicated in this subdivision. No specific terminology is required to disclose the points mentioned in Subdivision c, unless it is expressly stated. Unless otherwise provided by this subdivision (b), these indications and notices may appear in the contract at any location or in any order of the contract and be combined with other provisions of the contract or applied. e) When the down payment includes the dematose trade, the contract contains a brief description of the property. The licensee provides the purchaser with a copy of these documents or a notice containing the required items in Section 1803.3, indicating that the purchaser should notify the purchaser in writing within 30 days if he has not received a copy of the contract or other document that the Seller had asked the Seller or the buyer to sign. , and that he signed during the negotiations of the contract and that there was no such notification, it is appropriate, in conclusion, to consider, in favour of the third party, that copies of these documents were provided in accordance with the provisions of Section 1803. 4 and 1803.7. A bold notification that the buyer should read the contract before signing and that the buyer is entitled to a copy of the signed contract; B.

The names of the seller and buyer; c. the seller`s place of business; d. The buyer`s address indicated by the buyer; E. a description of the goods sold or the services to be provided; F. The sale price of goods or services; G. The amount of the buyer`s down payment; H. The difference between (f) and (g); i. the total amount, if any, for insurance; J.

The total amount of official fees (including regulatory fees required for submission, registration or other development and the release or compliance of a security, securities, security or other security interest created by the credit transaction); K. The main balance (i.e. the cash price of goods or services, plus potential amounts calculated for insurance and service charges reduced by the consumer`s down payment); l. The amount or rate of the hourly price difference (i.e. the amount paid by the buyer for the right to purchase goods or services in increments. In other words, it is the difference between the cash price, if paid immediately, and the price, if it is paid over time. The price difference over time does not include amounts calculated for insurance premiums, payment fees, legal fees, court fees or official fees. m.

the amount of the time balance owed by the buyer (amount of the main balance and the price difference); N. the maximum number of staggered payments required, the amount of each staggered payment and the due date of each payment; O. The on-time sale price (i.e. the sum of the sale price and the amount, if any, included for insurance, plus the amount paid for official fees and the difference in hourly prices); and p.

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