Sales Agreement Classification

In my example, I will enter into an agreement with an obligation for a certain quantity of a given product (fixing the quantity of product). Purchasing agreement classification: Select a classification for the agreement. Depending on the company`s specific values, each classification may have different requirements for the agreement. B, for example, the registration of subcontractors in agreements, access to insurance policies, the requirement for direct billing and the prevention of the use of unlocking contracts. Scenario: Automatically create a sales contract with a sales contract based on an IC relationship (in my case, USMF is the sales company and DEMF the buying company). The parameters we have in the “Establish a Business Relationship” form determine whether we will be able to change the price, discount, status (pending/effectiveness) and/or the validity period in purchase and/or sale contracts. You can copy financial dimensions either in cover lines or in individual lines of a sales contract. You can change the dimensions of a chord or agreement position at any time. In this case, dimensions are automatically copied into the sharing head or sharing line of sharing tasks. Price conditions may vary depending on the type of commitment. In the case of a sales order related to a sales contract, the price conditions of this sales contract suspend all other price conditions based on commercial agreements. The following table describes the price-related fields that are affected by the different types of commitments.

“Yes” indicates that the field can be updated in the command position. We can also create or update the agreement in reverse: If you check the sales contract instead of the sales contract and are in sync so that the purchase contract identifiers or sales contract identifiers can be entered manually, check the Manual box. For more information on the fields of this form, see the number circles (list page). In order to require direct billing and prevent the use of sharing orders with purchase agreements using this classification, enable the checkbox To request direct billing. Once the contract head is established, contractual positions can be added by clicking on the validity of a sales contract, defined by the validity date and expiry date of the agreement. The order of purchase of a debtor is qualified for the terms of the contract if the requested sending date of the order is within the validity period. All sales order positions related to a sales contract contribute to the execution of this sales contract. Figure 10: Purchase Agreement Lines→ Satisfaction Tab If we are allowed, we only have to select the agreement and click Edit in the action section. When we move on to the order of sale that has been released from the sales contract, and we click on General and then on the sales contract, we see the relationship. We can also see that this order is attached to the sales contract when we manage the order in the action section and then click on the Intercompany order. As part of this procedure, the release order and the corresponding intercompany order are created.

When we create a sharing order, an intercompany command is also created, and both orders are assigned to the corresponding agreement and vice versa. With this function, it is possible to use agreements in an intercompany relationship for the chain of commands and orders. The salesperson documents the contract event with a sales contract, and the purchase page documents the contract event as a sales contract.

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