If you are looking for custom shower glass, glass & mirror, mirror door, table top, mirror wall, or sandblast mirror, you have come to the right place. Being a family owned and run business, we understand the importance of providing great quality products and excellent customer service.

We pride ourselves in our expert craftsmanship and high quality standards. It all awaits you at our new inspiring, all-in-one showroom. If you require glass and mirror installation, repair, design, or cutting and edging, please don’t hesitate to contact us today or drop by to visit our showroom and discuss your projects with our professionals.

At Glass & Mirror +++ our expert installers will ensure that your glass and mirrors are installed correctly. We are trained professional and are proud of our high quality standards and work to ensure accurate installation. We are the original Glass and Mirror company in the Ottawa region with over 40 years experience in this specialized industry. Our team is fully bilingual and ready to take on your projects.

Custom Shower Glass

Shower doors and enclosures have undergone a tremendous change in the past several years. Clear glass is the dominant theme adding a sense of space to bathroom real estate. We specialize in custom glass showers made with clear or obscured tempered safety glass in many styles and colours to enhance your décor.


Our team can design any type of mirror, whether simple or complex, and we will always strive to meet your needs. The installation is done by our employees with care to ensure maximum comfort and safety. Glass & Mirror +++ carries and custom builds mirror walls that bring elegance to just about every room in the house from bedrooms and baths to living rooms and dining rooms.

Mirror is a very versatile material that serves as a great space stretcher.

Using a mirror can bring light into a room, make a small space appear bigger and avoid that closed-in feeling. Here are some of the most popular mirror wall placements:

  • Mirror Wall
  • Bathroom Mirror
  • Dining Room Mirror
  • Fireplace Mirror
  • Exercise Room Mirror

Staircases Raillings

Glass staircases and railings are also another unique element to your home. We install a variety of glass staircase textures such as clear, sandblasted or textured glass and of different thickness that suits your needs.

Glass & Mirrors
Cutting and Edging

Our team can design any type of mirror, whether simple or complex, and we will always strive to meet your needs.

Glass countertops
Over services

To modernize your furniture, there nothing like a glass top. Glass tabletops give life and a touch of luxury to your dining table, desk or console. In addition, the maintenance of such accessories is simple. Glass & Mirror +++ can provide you with a glass table top created with the texture and colour of your choice. Because each Glass Table Top begins with a handmade process, every finished product maintains its uniqueness. You can forever appreciate how no other kitchen or bathroom will look quite like yours!

Thickness available:

5 mm (3/16”) to 20 mm (3/4”)
All sizes available.

Thermal Damage & Screen Replacement

If condensation or thermal breaks form on your windows or your patio door broke into pieces after an impact, contact us. Thermal glass or sealed glasses are needed to keep your windows energy efficient. Vitrerie Glass & Mirror +++ will obtain accurate measurements and our experienced technicians complete installation in the shortest possible time.

Instead of replacing your windows you will help save the planet by repairing them. Recycling is also less expensive than buying new windows and you will improve the energy efficiency of your home, reducing your electricity bills!


If you are not satisfied with your screens, Vitrerie Glass & Mirror +++ will repair them or create new ones customized for you. We replace the nylon, aluminum, ”Solar Cool” and pets screens.

Other services

Contrasting textures and tones, both subtle and dramatic can elevate a kitchen out of the ordinary. Glass Backsplash will give your kitchen that modern look that you see in Design magazines! Apart from being breathtaking, what sets glass backsplash apart is that they are extremely easy to clean!

We can provide you the color and design of you choice as well.

Our professional experts will visit your home and measure to allow accurate installation.