Was Bedeutet Privacy Agreement

By visiting our site, you can perform statistical analyses of your browsing behavior. This is done mainly with cookies and scans. The analysis of your browsing behavior is usually anonymous, i.e. we cannot identify you from this data. You can contradict this analysis or prevent it by not using certain tools. Detailed information can be found in the privacy statement below. Data processing is based on Article 6, paragraph 1, bed.b and f RGPD, the processing of data relating to the performance of contracts or pre-contract measures or the site operator has a legitimate interest in analyzing the user`s behavior in order to optimize a web offer and its advertising. Supplier Information: The website is used as a docker container of kubernetes on Google`s cloud platform. This means that there is no data transfer done to kubernetes.

An AV contract is signed with Google. To learn more about data protection on Google, Click here On January 25, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order entitled “Enhancing Public Safety” that states that privacy in the United States is not extended beyond U.S. citizens or residents: the processing of personal data is necessary for personal data to be carried out through the sale and provision of services and for the agreement with you to be reached (if you are a retailer). In situations where you act as a representative or interlocutor of an IST company, municipality or client organization, we treat your personal data on the basis of our legitimate business interest. For this processing, we have implemented a balance of interests, taking into account, among other things, the fact that the processing does not contain sensitive data of a personal nature and that we have a clear commercial interest in effectively providing our services to the company for which you work on behalf of you. We give you a simple overview of what happens to your personal data when you visit our website. Personal data is all the data that sends you back and helps you identify yourself. For more information about our privacy policy, see Section 2. For more information about Google reCAPTCHA and Google`s privacy policy, see links: www.google.com/intl/de/policies/privacy/ and www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/android.html. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority in case of a violation of data protection rules. The data protection authority is the national data protection officer in the relevant state in which our company is based.

The operators of this site take the protection of your personal data very seriously. We treat your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the data protection legal provisions and this privacy policy. First of all, privacy is a fundamental right with a long history, while data protection has first appeared in international principles and secondary legislation and has recently acquired the status of fundamental rights in the EU. And while privacy was originally intended to protect the individual from the state, data protection principles and rights have always been designed for the impersonence of private parties.

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