Wfse Collective Bargaining Agreement 2018

B. When a worker is entitled to a period of compensation under Article 6.3.A, he may benefit from a compensation period of up to one hundred and twenty (120) hours, which can be paid at any time during the year. The compensation period accumulated at the end of each fiscal year is paid by the university within thirty (30) days following the end of the year (30 June) in the absence of an agreement on the use of staff. A. In the vacancy notice of a position in a bargaining unit, applicants are informed of the inclusion of employment in a bargaining unit. The university will inform all workers, including new, laid-off, transferred, subsidised or decommissioned workers, of the exclusive recognition of the Union and the provisions of this article prior to the appointment to positions in the bargaining unit (s). 44.5. The university undertakes to notify the Union of proposed reclassifications of tariff units occupied into non-negotiation units at least thirty (30) days before their implementation. This summary sets out the third meeting for the renewal of the UW-WFSE Police Management collective agreement for the duration of the 2015/17 contract.

UW holiday proposals – UW rejected WFSE`s proposal to add additional personal leave per year, and proposed to… 1.7 COLLECTIVE BARGAINING – MANDATORY SUBJECTS If it is required by law and in the absence of the obligation to negotiate, the university will fulfill its bargaining obligation before amending an issue that does not refer to or is covered by the agreement. The university will inform the Union of these changes and the Union may request discussions and/or negotiations on the impact of these changes on working conditions for workers. If the Union does not request talks and/or negotiations within 14 calendar days of receipt of the contract notice, the university may implement the changes without further discussion and/or negotiation. At the end of the good faith talks on and/or negotiations, and no later than forty-five (45) calendar days after the EU`s invitation to conduct negotiations, the university can implement its proposal. There may be emergency or mandatory conditions that are beyond the control of the university and require immediate implementation, and in this case the university will inform the Union as soon as possible and can, if necessary, be implemented before the end of the negotiations. Has. Non-student workers, temporary/hourly workers, who worked more than three hundred and fifty (350) hours in a bargaining unit of this agreement during the twelve (12) consecutive months; the specific conditions that have been certified by the Public Relations Commission (PERC) as members of a bargaining unit are as follows: any party may request the negotiation of an estate agreement by notifying the other party in writing by 1 January, 2020 and no later than 31 January 2020, in order to negotiate a new agreement.

When such notification is notified, negotiations begin on a date agreed by the parties. During negotiations on the 2019-2021 succession agreement, the parties agreed on the seIU 925 and WFSE scholarship funds at Harborview Medical Center (HMC) and UW Medical Center (UWMC) for the 2019 and 2020 academic years, will only be implemented at ratification: within one hundred and twenty (120) days after the ratification of the 2019-2021 agreement, the parties will meet to review and complete the necessary updates to the treaty`s provisions on the EU`s working tables (Article 56.7 of The Agreement 17-19).

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