What Does God Say About Agreement

It was a very good article, but I ask where the author read “perfect or accurate” correspondence in the worms quoted. In Matthew 18:19-20 no, where he says “perfect correspondence” in most of the translations I read it said “… if two of you on Earth agree on anything… The only thing I suspect is that it might have something to do with the Greek translation, and if that is the case, it should be said. Otherwise, if that is the author`s opinion, it should also be said. Not two people will ever agree “perfectly,” not possible. We are human beings and we all have their own perspective. Only the Holy Trinity fully agrees. The other thing is minor, but verse 20 has also been cited and unrecognized. For what was written before was written for our teaching that we could have hope through perseverance and encouragement of Scripture.

Again, Jesus gave us a very powerful revelation, with what he told us in the verse above. If you want to become a round and powerful prayer warrior on your way with the Lord, be sure to try to develop both sides of this coin with the Lord. I believe that God and Jesus are trying to tell us, with the concrete wording of this verse, that there is an extreme power in collective prayer – where a group of believers all marry in one unity, in harmony and in agreement with what they will pray before the Lord. It`s a beautiful play. The technique of words is not what is important, as some would like to deepen, but the points arrive. I am unemployed and I need a prayer partner to bomb the sky for an immediate solution. God bless all concerned believers. “That`s why you don`t fear for tomorrow, because tomorrow will be worried for yourself. His own problem is enough for the day. And what you have heard from me, in the presence of many witnesses, entrusted to faithful men, who can also teach others. Do not be adapted to this world, but transform yourself by the renewal of your Spirit, so that you may discern by trial what is God`s will, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

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