Xavier University Housing Agreement

Submit your application to your specific week for your class level. If you do not complete your application in time, you will be placed on our waiting list for accommodation. By signing a university housing contract, the student makes a legal and binding contract. By signing this contract, each student agrees that the accommodation is available for an appropriate examination or routine inspection by authorized persons. The university recognizes students` right to privacy under normal circumstances, and as a matter of policy, Xavier does not seek quarters, except in cases where the dean of students, director of living life, or partner Provost for Student Affairs believes that there is sufficient reason to believe that a violation of the law or university policy occurs or has occurred , or for health, safety or maintenance reasons or in case of emergency. If you do not follow one of the following guidelines on on-campus accommodation, this can lead to a student behaviour procedure. As all our residences on campus are air-conditioned with air filtration, students with allergies are not automatically considered for housing. Please note that all students who arrive will have to pay an additional $200 by February 1 to apply for the next fall year. Do I get priority when choosing the apartment or should I notify your office? The upper floors are not guaranteed on campus. If you have an interest in living on campus, make sure you have completed the following steps: Students can apply for housing through the Office of Disability Services according to the procedure described by their office. Students looking for accommodation must also complete the housing application, as we need a signed application from any student who lives on campus. You will soon discover that our residences are not only places of life, but also places of learning. At StFX, you can participate in unique programs such as the Presidential Symposium, a series of debates in your residence with guest speakers (like our university president) and a dialogue on important social issues.

Before entering their sophomore or transfer year students, please note that all students must pay a cumulative sum of $300. After completing or leaving the apartment, students can apply for 200 $US of the deposit by filling out a home cancellation form at the Office of Residential Education in Room 305. Emails are not accepted. Take a tour of the campus and imagine here on one of Canada`s most beautiful university campuses. Our commitment to expanding unique learning opportunities in the residency means that you will continue to grow both personally and academically across all aspects of university life. As all of our campus accommodations are close to the Fenwick Hall dining room or have a private kitchen, the diagnosis of diabetes is not a guarantee of accommodation. How can I apply for medical accommodation? The new study procedure for first-year students in 2021-2022 will take place in the spring of 2021 and will be presented at the end of March. Yes, student athletes who arrive will follow the same steps of accommodation (filing the application, setting up a couple of roommates and selecting a room) as described above.

Coaches are not able to complete these steps for their budding student athletes. The increase in the Sophomore housing selection process for 2021-2022 will take place during the spring semester. As a reminder, all first-year students currently living on campus have signed a two-year housing contract and are expected to return to the campus for the 2021-2022 academic year.

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